Login using your registered username and password:

Select Layout : The layout can be changed here.

Select button : You can change the button shapes here.

You can add Menus in launcher menu:

To add Main menu, go to the "LAUNCHER MENU" and click "add menu". Menu Image can be selected either from the image library or from your own gallery. The menu types can be selected. You can add as many Main Menu as you want. Here, you can also change the button colour and font colour of your choice.

All the preview can be done here.

How to use Submenu ?

To add / edit / any menu or submenus ,go to "EDIT CONTENT".

Here you can add as many submenus as you want. Along with the submenu, other options like contact, message, page creation, gallery, link also can be added.

Page creation (How to create a page in the app ?)

Go, to the menu type - page creation to create a page. Here , the desired pages can be created / edited / deleted etc. You can add images, links etc. The entire page can be managed here.

To add Link go to "Insert" above the page. There you can add URL and the text which needs to be displayed then click OK to save it. The text to display will appear in blue color. In the app, when you click the blue coloured text, it will be directed to the link you added.

How to use Message Menu ?

Go to compose botton to create your message. You can create the message and send it to the users. The user will receive a notification after sending it.

How to add images in Gallery ?

To add images , go to gallery menu and imags from your collections can be added. Multiple images can be added. There is also option for deleting messages. The images added can be managed by using various options given here.

How to add contact ?

Here , the contact details can be added. The picture of the person, name, and phone number can be added here. The other details can be added by clicking on "add another field".

How to use 'link' menu type ?(add Link):

To add link, go to the menu type, link and the URL can be added in the box given below.

How to build your customized app ?

Enter the app name, Select images for app icon and image for the splash screen.(Size mentioned)