"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

Makeandmanage provides a wonderful opportunity in the world of mobile applications. It has all the tools for various business endeavours. It is a perfect option for agencies, software companies, consultancies, designers, business profiles, individuals, internet cafe owners etc to broaden their business opportunities. It gives you the mobile app building service under your own brand name.

Advantages we offer:

MakeAndManage Reseller Packages

Create unlimited Android mobile apps using MakeAndManage at just Rs. 30,000/- for 2 year build access.

Platform Platform licensing Renewal Period Renewal/App Publising App icon / Splash Screen Status
Android Zero 1 year 5,000/-(50% discount available on payment in advance) Google Play Store : Free Provided by Reseller / We Design at Rs.2,000/- Per App Ready to Build
iOS ₹5,000/app 2 year ₹5,000 Apple App Store : Reseller should purchase Provided by Reseller / We Design at Rs.2,000/- Per App Ready to Build
Website zero 2 year ₹5,000 Domain: Charge at Actuals. NA Coming Soon

* Cost of third party (SMS, Google Play store, Apple App store, Google Cloud Messaging etc.) services are subject to change. In case of fluctuations in costs, the client is liable to cover the incured charges.

For Custom Quotation and Queries : info@makeandmanage.com/+91 8330833673


Partnering with us opens the door to a large number of opportunities for your company. To become a reseller, get in contact with our reseller support team admin on +91 8330 8336 73.



  • Android
  • IOS
  • Cross platforms

Makeandmanage Modules

  • Create pages, Create message module,
  • Create Sub menu, Create magazine,
  • Integrate weblink and Google forms,
  • Create directory and Contact,
  • Create gallery and Album,
  • Upload

Makeandmanage Admin App

  • Message approval and editing

Makeandmanage Design Matrix

  • Template selection
  • Icon pick
  • Menu colour

Play Store And App Store Uploading

  • Playstore form
  • App store form


  • Simple and Easy to use
  • White labelling
  • Reseller control panel
  • Increase your revenue stream