App access controls

The privacy settings are enabled through mobile number verification. The user on installing the app, he/she will be asked to verify his/her mobile number. Users can view the contents of app only after number verification. There are two privacy policies:

Public apps

In a public app, any user can view the contents of app, if he/she verifies the mobile number once after downloading the app.

Private apps

A Private app is meant to be used within a closed community. Admin has the sole authority to decide who can view the contents of the app. Admin can enter the phone numbers of users in the Permit User window. Only those phones with this phone numbers can pass the phone number verification and view the contents of the App. Others will not be able to view the contents even though they can download the App from store. Private Apps are best suitable for internal communication purposes.

Private Menus

These menus will be only visible to group/groups that admin decides while creating that menu.

Manage subscribers


For a private app admin can add phone numbers of proposed users. Only these users can access the mobile app.

List of subscribers

Admin can view the subscribers, who all installed the app. In a Private app admin can also delete the subscribers, these subscribers cannot access the app thereafter.


Admin can group the subscribers. Messages can be sent to a particular group. Menus can be made private to a group.


Groups are of two types :

Open Group

After installing the application, the users will be prompted to select the groups according to their will. Users can also change their selection later.

Closed Group

Users cannot view a closed group. Admin can add or remove users into a closed group. Only admin can manage such groups.